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[Message] The Importance of gaining knowledge - Muslim Congress - Syed Abbas Ayleya - English

This is the weekly Friday audio message provided by Muslim Congress recorded by Syed Abbas Ayleya regarding the important of gaining knowledge. (...Watch Now...)

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[Weekly Msg] The Role of the Soul in Islam | H.I. Abbas Ayleya | 28 March 2014 | English

Muslim Congress prays that all of your duas are accepted on this blessed day. Ju\\\'mah is important for not only the individual\\\'s spirituality but also their society\\\'s spirituality. Since... (...Watch Now...)

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H.I. Sayyed Abbas Ayleya - Goal of a Momin - Muharram 1431 Majlis 2 in Detroit - English

H.I. Sayyed Abbas Ayleya - Goal of a Momin - Muharram 1431 Majlis 2 in Detroit - English. Apologies for audio/video being out of sync. (...Watch Now...)

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Majlis 05 Muharram 1432 - Qiyam of Karbala & Taharat of Qalb - H.I. Abbas Ayleya - English & Urdu

Hujjatul Islam Sayyed Abbas Ayleya delivered these lectures in Masoom, Chicago during the first 10 nights of Muharram. Sorry the audio/video is out of sync because of technical difficulties. (...Watch Now...)

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[H.I. Abbas Ayleya] Short Speech - How to Make your Food Perfect? - 1st Annual MC Quad State Family Camp - English

(Sorry for the poor audio / video recording) Visit: (...Watch Now...)

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[Weekly Msg] Seeking Knowledge | H.I. Syed Abbas Ayleya | 26 April 2013 | English

Audio message on seeking knowledge. Recorded by HI Abbas Ayeleya on April 26, 2013 (...Watch Now...)

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[Weekly Msg] Lessons From the Islamic Revolution | H.I Abbas Ayleya | 14 February 2014 - English

This week\\\\\\\'s audio message comes to you from H.I Abbas Ayleya. Topic: Lessons from the Islamic Revolution (...Watch Now...)

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